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Monitoring Species of Concern Using Noninvasive Genetic Sampling and Capture-Recapture Methods

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Technical Report,25 Apr 2012,22 Jun 2016

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University of Idaho Moscow United States

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The primary objective of project RC-201205 was to demonstrate how noninvasive genetic sampling NGS could be combined with capture-recapture modeling NGS-CR to evaluate the status of species of conservation concern. A secondary objective was to demonstrate the combination of NGS with occupancy modeling NGS-OM to estimate the proportion of area occupied i.e., occupancy and patterns of local extinction and colonization. The researchers evaluated the efficacy of NGS as a viable, long-term monitoring approach for two species on the Department of Defense DoD installations the kit fox Vulpes macrotis Dugway Proving Ground DPG, a species of concern for western installations, and Sonoran pronghorn Antilocapra americana sonoriensis Barry M. Goldwater Range BMGR, an endangered subspecies of North American pronghorn that occurs in southern Arizona. For both species, researchers developed a spatio-temporal sampling design for acquiring noninvasive genetic data via fecal scats, genotyped samples for individual ID, analyzed genotypes with capture-recapture methods to obtain estimates of population parameters, and developed a protocol for long-term monitoring in the future.

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  • Ecology

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