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Fast Reacting Nano Composite Energetic Materials: Synthesis and Combustion Characterization

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Technical Report

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Texas Technical University Lubbock United States

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Energetic composites are mixtures of solid fuel and oxidizer particles that when combined offer higher calorific output than monomolecular explosives. The composites traditionally deliver energy as diffusion limited reactions and thus their power available from reaction is much smaller than any explosive. Yet, technology has advanced particle synthesis, and nanoparticles have become more readily available. The advent of nanoparticle fuels enables traditionally diffusive controlled reactions to transition towards kinetically dominant reactions. This transition results in faster reacting formulations that show promise of harnessing the power equivalent to a monomolecular explosive, but packaged as discretely separate fuel and oxidizer composites. This chapter will focus on developing an understanding of fundamental reaction dynamics associated with particulate media, in general. Once this foundational understanding is established, new strategies for designing aluminum fuel particles toward greater reactivity and thus faster reacting formulations will be presented. In addition to synthesis, several combustion characterization techniques will be examined to quantify combustion performance. All of this information will provide a basis for future research and applications involving aluminum based fuels in any energetic system i.e., as an additive to liquid propellants or even explosive formulations.

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  • Laminates and Composite Materials
  • Combustion and Ignition

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