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Trapping of Individual Airborne Absorbing Particles Using a Counterflow Nozzle and Photophoretic Trap for Continuous Sampling and Analysis

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OSTP Journal Article

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Mississippi State University Mississippi State United States

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We describe an integrated opto-aerodynamic system and demonstrate that it enables us to trap absorbing airborne micron-size particles from air, hold them and then release them, and to repeat this sequence many times as would be appropriate for continuous sampling of particles from air. The key parts of the system are a conical photophoretic optical trap and a counter-flow coaxial-double-nozzle that concentrates and then slows particles for trapping. This technology should be useful for on-line applications that require monitoring by single particle analyses of a series of successively arriving particles e.g., from the atmosphere or pharmaceutical or other production facilities where the total sampling time may last from minutes to days, but where each particle must be held for a short time for measurements e.g., Raman scattering.

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  • Optical Detection and Detectors
  • Optics
  • Physical Chemistry

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