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Determining Detection and Classification Potential of Munitions using Advanced EMI Sensors in the Underwater Environment

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Technical Report,01 Sep 2014,01 Nov 2016

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Black Tusk Geophysics, Inc. Vancouver Canada

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The project focuses on characterizing Electromagnetic Induction EMI responses in the underwater setting through numerical and experimental studies with the objective of obtaining a better understanding of the impact of underwater environments on EMI marine systems deployed to detect and characterize buried munitions. Based on the results of this project, we conclude that underwater detection and characterization of buried metal using EMI based sensor is feasible. While the conductive seawater introduces complications to the measurement process, there are numerous practical options for mitigation of these effects. The conductive sea-water can impact the scattered field from a buried metallic object, but typically only at very early times and at large receiver to object offsets. Neither of these conditions are commonly encountered in practice. Thus apart from the practical considerations of operating underwater, the modeling techniques and methods that have been successfully demonstrated in terrestrial environments can be utilized for marine detection and characterization. The principle remaining challenge is the development and deployment of a practical and effective set of hardware for marine EMI sensing.

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