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Bolster Ground Force Capabilities in the Asia-Pacific Region

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Technical Report

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U.S. Naval War College Newport United States

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In recent years, China has aggressively contested Americas ability to project power in an area of global economic importance the Western Pacific. Notable Chinese efforts in this region are the accelerated pace of China modernizing its Peoples Liberation Army Navy PLAN, increasing its anti-accessarea-denial A2AD capabilities, and escalating activity to expand territory in the South China Sea. With the rise of China as a maritime power and its increasing A2AD capabilities, this research paper examines how U.S. Pacific Command USPACOM can shape the theater and assure the U.S. and its allies maintain access to the global commons. Bolstering USPACOM ground force capabilities in the Western Pacific provides a comprehensive solution to counter Chinas aggressive action threatening East Asian security, because it sets conditions favorable to U.S. national security interests, strengthens the regional security framework, and projects U.S. power in the region to deter China. This paper provides a detailed analysis of this operational approach by first framing the problem of Chinas aggression, then discussing how to strengthen ground force capabilities to deter China, and concluding with several recommendations for USPACOM.

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