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Integrating Stable Isotope - Reactive Transport Model Approach for Assessment of Chlorinated Solvent Degradation

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Technical Report,01 Jan 2011,01 Feb 2016

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University of Oklahoma Norman United States

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Monitored Natural Attenuation MNA is an important groundwater remediation technology based on a carefully controlled and monitored demonstration of contaminant attenuation. However, demonstrating contaminant mass destruction can be challenging. Compound-specific isotope analysis CSIA is a specialized laboratory method that can provide a direct signal of biological or abiotic degradation and support assessment of the strength of physical attenuation processes. The popularity of CSIA has risen rapidly among project managers as a line of evidence supporting MNA remedies. While CSIA results help to refine conceptual site models, CSIA data can be difficult to interpret, especially at sites with complex hydrogeology or with competing degradation pathways. The overall goal of the project is to present methods for quantitative assessment of natural attenuation processes, including mass destruction, for chlorinated solvents, using a combination of CSIA with modeling-assisted data interpretation.

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