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From Darkness to Light: Posttraumatic Growth among Recently Deployed Army National Guard Soldiers

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Technical Report

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Air War College Air University Maxwell AFB United States

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The United States Air Force is at a critical time in its history. Since the end of World War II, the Air Force has enjoyed qualitative technology superiority over its adversaries. With the development of the cyber age, this technology advantage gained by the Air Force has been continuously under assault. The rapid advance of cyberspace operations is driving an imperative to evolve Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance ISR for the Air Force. Within this context, ISR can be the impetus for proactive defense within the cyberspace domain. The existing Air Force ISR capability for support to defensive cyberspace operations has to operate in an environment of global adversaries. The effectiveness of Air Force defensive cyber strategy will depend on long range trend analysis of adversary capabilities and intent. An evolution of ISR for cyber defense can improve protection of key Air Force command and control functions, as well as best preserve the Air Forces qualitative technology advantage against adversary network reconnaissance and attack activities. This paper provides several recommendations to advance ISR for cyber defense. The Air Force should develop a robust ISR Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination PED capability devoted to cyberspace. Additionally, the Air Force should conduct an in-depth study to determine resources required for the National Air and Space Intelligence Center to grow capacity for more robust analysis of adversary cyber capabilities. Next, a stronger cyber defensive strategy, enabled by ISR, will require additional intelligence resources or realignment of existing resources in the Air Force ISR Agency and 24th Air Force. ISR capabilities will be the catalyst for cyber defense of critical assets to more fully protect commanders air, space and cyber operations.

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