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The Impact of Nanotechnology Energetics on the Department of Defense by 2035

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Technical Report

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Air War College Air University Maxwell AFB United States

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Nanotechnology will have a profound impact on the profession of arms by 2035. Breakthroughs in this burgeoning science will foster the miniaturization of weapons, decrease the cost of space launch systems, and make resilient rechargeable battery power readily available. The U.S. Department of Defense must embrace nanotechnology research and development in order to capitalize on these developments. Preparing for new nanotechnology-inspired weapons will provide the depth of technological understanding required to field new systems and to adequately deter nations, non-state actors, and individuals that may attempt to use nanotechnology in malevolent ways. It is important to precisely define what is meant by nanotechnology as this term has come to have many different meanings to different elements of the scientific community. Nano is a scientific prefix meaning one-billionth 10-9 a nanometer nm is one-billionth of a meter. The United States National Nanotechnology Initiative NNI definition of nanotechnology will be used for this paper.

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