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Immersive Learning Simulations in Aircraft Maintenance Training

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Technical Report

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Air War College Air University Maxwell AFB United States

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Training is a huge endeavor and also a huge business. Many different industries spend billions of dollars to ensure they have trained and professional workforces. For the military in particular, training is an essential and recurring part of our daily jobs. Without continual, recurring training military members would lose important skills that they do not have a chance to use in normal, daily activities. Like training, video games are a huge business. The video game industry recorded over 18 billion in sales last year.1What if you could combine the engaging aspects of video gaming with the requirements of a training program You might just get a training scenario that new and veteran workers enjoy participating in, instead of dreading hours of power point slides and lectures. You might just get a serious game, or as proposed by the eLearning Guild, you could get an Immersive Learning Simulation.3 Quoting the eLearning Guild, Caspian Learning, in a report for the United Kingdom Ministry of Defense, defined an Immersive Learning Simulation ILS as an optimized blend of simulation, game element and pedagogy that leads to the student being motivated by, and immersed into the purpose and goals of a learning interaction.4 In other words, a video game that trains. This definition of ILS will be used throughout this paper, since discussing serious games has negative connotations. Many people equate the word game strictly with having fun, and certainly not with serious training. These games have become a recreational activity for young and old. You can play a standard game on some type of console hooked to your television, or even immerse yourself in a virtual world in one of many online games.

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