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Extracting Micro-Doppler Radar Signatures from Rotating Targets Using Fourier-Bessel Transform and Time-Frequency Analysis

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Technical Report

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Defence R and D Canada - Ottawa Ottawa, Ontario Canada

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In this paper, we report the efficiency of Fourier Bessel transform and time-frequency based method in conjunction with the fractional Fourier transform, for extracting micro-Doppler radar signatures fromthe rotating targets. This approach comprises mainly of two processes the first being decomposition of the radar return, in order to extract micro-Doppler m-D features and the second being, the time frequency analysis to estimate motion parameters of the target. In order to extract m-D features from the radar signal returns, the time domain radar signal is decomposed into stationary and non-stationary components using Fourier Bessel transform in conjunction with the fractional Fourier transform. The components are then reconstructed by applying the inverse Fourier Bessel transform. After the extraction of the m-D features from the targets original radar return, time-frequency analysis is used to estimate the targets motion parameters. This proposed method is also an effective tool for detecting manoeuvring air targets in strong sea-clutter and is also applied to both simulated data and real world experimental data.

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