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STIR: Investigation of Piezoelectric Reactives as Tunable Energetics for Advanced Munitions

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Technical Report,10 Aug 2015,09 May 2016

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Purdue University West Lafayette United States

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The effort to realize advanced munitions using high-performance, safe energetic materials has generated interest in nano-composite energetic materials. A particular class composites, nano-aluminum nAlfluoropolymer composites, are of interest due to their high densities and performance-enhancing capabilities. In particular, these composites have been demonstrated ignition sensitization by means of charge application, potentially due to the piezoelectric properties of the fluoropolymer. In the current work, potential nAlfluoropolymer systems were studied to improve understanding of their ignition, combustion, and piezoelectric characteristics. Methods were developed for synthesizing nAlfluoropolymer composite films for the consistent and controlled production of test samples. Experiments were then conducted to investigate the sensitization of these composites by charge application, electrical poling, and inert doping. Piezoelectric behavior of the composites resulting from doping and electrical poling was demonstrated. Drop weight ignition experiments showed that the ignition sensitivity of electrically poled samples could be controlled using an electric field. In addition, the burn rate of nAlfluoropolymer sheets was significantly enhanced under the influence of an electric field. Finally, nAlTHV composites were shown to be susceptible to photoflash ignition. These results demonstrate the potential for using these composites as tailored energetic materials and as additives for sensitivity control in other energetic systems.

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