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Re-Engineering the Stomatopod Eye

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Technical Report,15 Jun 2012,14 Jun 2016

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University of Maryland Baltimore County Baltimore United States

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This final report 2013-2016 is a comprehensive summary of our efforts over the course of this grant. It focuses on the Cronin laboratory but includes work for the comprehensive four-team effort also including Marshalls team in Australia, Robertss team in England, and Gruevs team - subcontracted to Cronin - in St Louis, Missouri. Altogether the Cronin laboratory published some 36 papers, book chapters, or books from the middle of 2013 to the end of 2016 the team as a whole has a total of some roughly 80-90 unique publications in this time. We have been completing our work on the opsin diversity in mantis shrimp eyes, with a strong focus on the opsins devoted to polarized-light vision, including our finding that polarized-light receptors contain an unusually large number of co-expressed opsin genes this work has been ongoing since roughly 2007or so. We have also greatly expanded our understanding of ultraviolet vision in stomatopods, including UV vision devoted to polarized-light analysis. The work has led to the discovery of a new class of filters used in animal eyes to control the detection of multiple bands of ultraviolet light, including polarized ultraviolet, published in 2014 and 2015. We have continued to develop field-capable, user-friendly, real-time polarization cameras in collaboration with our subcontractor Viktor Gruev and his students, used for visualizing environments, terrain, and animals in natural settings, and also extending this work to preliminary studies of polarization patterns in stomatopods and cephalopods.

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