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SAMSON Technology Demonstrator

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[Technical Report, Final Report]

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Bell Canada

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The Secure Access Management for a Secure Operational Network SAMSON Technology Demonstrator TD project demonstrates the integration of a data-centric security protection model into existing operational environments. In the context of this project, data-centric security is an architectural approach to securing information assets by using security attributes attached to individual data assets to determine and implement the appropriate level of security for that asset. Universally in data-centric security modelling, the attributes associated with data are a reflection of that assets value. That is, the value of the asset to the organization and the impact that improper protection of that asset will have on the organizations security posture.The scope of the SAMSON project was deliberately contained to the protection of information in a single security domain. results of this project have proven that a data-centric security solution can be integrated as a security overlay onto an existing IT architecture. SAMSON has been successfully demonstrated enhancing the information protection and information sharing capabilities for operational environments. In observing the development and success of the SAMSON project, demand has been generated from NATO and other coalition partners for a data-centric security solution that can bridge between coalition security domains. To meet this demand and further the range of applicability for the SAMSON model, support for cross-domain information sharing and protection is seen as the most significant area of research for the next phase of SAMSON development. Research into this expanded capability set will include the need for interpretation of security metadata across domains,expression and interpretation of multi domain security policies, maintaining the trust model as data is exchanged between domains and enhancements to trusted auditing.


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