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A New Route toward Systematic Control of Electronic Structures of Graphene and Fabrication of Graphene Field Effect Transistors

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Technical Report,29 Feb 2012,29 Feb 2016

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Florida International University Miami United States

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This project aims to i control graphene electronic structure by perturbing it using nanoparticles ii fabricate graphene field-effect transistors and demonstrate their superior performances iii investigate the THz and sub-THz characteristics of graphene layers. We have demonstrated engineering the bandgap of single layer Graphene by decorating with randomly distributed zinc oxide ZnO and gold nanoparticles. The proximity of nanoparticles and Graphene break Graphenes sublattice symmetry and opens-up a bandgap. Graphene with significant bandgap introduced by the proposed methods could be used for devices intended for high speed digital and logic applications. We also demonstrated a novel geometry field effect transistor with graphene as channel having a hybrid contact that consists of ohmic SourceDrain and its extended part towards the Gate, which is capacitively coupled to the channel. Minimization of access region length along with the paralleling of ohmic contacts resistance and resistive part of capacitively coupled contacts impedance lower the overall SourceDrain resistance, which results in an increases current gain cut-off frequency. We also performed theoretical investigation of graphene based FET structures for resonant absorption of THz radiation by the plasmons excited in the high sheet concentration and high carrier mobility active layers.

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