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FANS-3D Users Guide (ESTEP Project ER 201031)

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Technical Report

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Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific San Diego United States

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This users guide details the FANS-3D code model and the procedure of execution of the model. This guide was developed in support of Environmental Security Technology Certification Program ESTEP Project ER-201-031. Dr. Hamn-Ching Chen and his students and collaborators developed the FANS-3D code over the past 25 years. Programmers use this general- purpose computational fluid dynamics CFD code for solving the NavierStokes equations governing laminar and turbulent flows in body-fitted curvilinear grids. The code employs multi-block overset chimera grids, including fully matched, arbitrarily embedded, andor overlapping grids to facilitate detailed resolution of unsteady laminar and turbulent flows around complex geometries involving arbitrary body motions as well as fluid-structure interactions. Communication between grid components is achieved by Lagrange interpolation at the fringes. The code is fully coupled with the hole-making and donor-finding algorithm, allowing for the relative movement of the grid blocks at each time step for time- domain simulation of fluid-structure interaction problems, including violent free surface motions. The underlying theory of the local-analytic-based discretization also known as finite analytic based discretization is briefly presented in this users guide.

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