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Identification of a Novel Bcl10 Domain that Contributes to NK-kappaB Activation

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Technical Report

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Uniformed Services University Of The Health Sciences Bethesda United States

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The NF-B transcription factor is a centrally important mediator of T cell functional responses. However, much is still unknown of the regulation of this pathway. Activation of the NF-B signaling cascade via numerous cell receptors, including the T cell receptor TCR, requires the adaptor proteinBcl10. The function of Bcl10 in the NF-B pathway, as well as other pathways, is not yet completely understood. In this work, I investigated the function of a 12-amino acid peptide on the Bcl10 N-terminus, dubbed the N-terminal peptide. As there is currently no crystal structure of the Bcl10 protein, I developed N-terminal peptide mutants, targeting amino acids that are potentially important to the function of the peptide. Through mutation of key amino acids to alanine as well as deletion of groups of amino acids, I determined that the N-terminal peptide functions to positively influence Bcl10 activation of downstream NF-B. This research also supports the function of the N-terminal peptide in Bcl10 binding to partner proteins, including CARMA1 and MALT1, as well as Bcl10 intracellular redistribution, and Bcl10protein stability.

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