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An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of a Vibrating Syringe Attachment in Decreasing Intraoral Injection Pain Perception

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Technical Report

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Uniformed Services University Of The Health Sciences Bethesda United States

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Introduction Dental anxiety and fear of dental treatment are two primary reasons people avoid the dentist. Many people are anxious of the dental injection itself. Several devices have been manufactured to aid in the reduction of pain perception with the dental injection. One such device is the VibraJect, which, according to manufacturer claims, decreases pain perception during the administration of dental anesthesia via the gate control theory. Objective To evaluate the effectiveness of the VibraJect in decreasing intra-oral pain perception during the injection of a local anesthetic in conjunction with dental treatment. Methods Forty participants identified during routine dental exams will receive two maxillary intra-oral anesthetic injections. Inclusion criteria include the need for restorative or localized periodontal therapy in bilateral maxillary premolars or molars. The VibraJect will be attached to the dental syringe for both injections, but will be activated for only one. The order of administration of the injections will be randomized. Participants will wear blindfolds and headphones during both injections. After each injection, the patient will mark on a visual analog scale VAS his perception of pain during the administration of the local anesthesia. After the second injection, the participant will be asked if he could determine which side had the VibraJect activated. VAS pain ratings will be measured by a metric ruler to the nearest millimeter. Data will be analyzed via the Wilcoxon signed rank test. The percentage of correctly identified VibraJect injections will also be recorded. Results Participants have begun to be enrolled. The goal is to enroll forty participants. Discussion Studies on the efficacy ofthe VibraJect attachment in reducing dental pain perception during the administration of dental anesthesia have been equivocal. This study was developed to avoid some of the design limitations of previous studies.

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