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QuEST: Robust Quantum Gadgets

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Technical Report,01 Dec 2011,30 Nov 2012

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Computer Science & Engineering, University of Washington Seattle United States

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That quantum computation is a realistic model of computation rests heavily upon the legs of the threshold theorem for fault-tolerant quantum computation. This theorem tells us roughly that, if noise is weak enough and quantum control is strong enough, then robust quantum computation is possible with the added overhead of using more qubits and more time spent performing quantum gates. These added resources scale efficiently with the desired accuracy of the quantum computation and yet, because a theorem is not a technology, the quantum computing community is technically far from achieving the break-even point for these methods. Here we propose revolutionary ideas in fault-tolerant quantum computing which will jump-start the building of a quantum computer. Among the threads in our approach are the construction of small scale gadgets for energetic protection of quantum information, the construction of novel and robust perturbation theory gadgets, the construction of scalable stabilizer Hamiltonians, and methods for achieving the fault-tolerant adiabatic quantum computation.

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