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Research in Supercritical Fuel Properties and Combustion Modeling

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Technical Report,15 Jun 2013,14 Jun 2015

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SRI International Menlo Park United States

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The objectives of this research are to develop stimulated scattering as a diagnostic for supercritical fluids, and to evaluate reaction kinetics inputs involving 2-4 carbon atom species for combustion modeling and optimization. On the stimulated scattering task, we have tested new methods for rapidly scanning stimulated scattering measurements, achieving factor of 1,000 improvement in the single shot spectroscopy measurement rate developed models for two-tone stimulated Rayleigh scattering signals published a paper on our new two tone stimulated scattering method, implemented frequency domain measurements for refractive index measurements, and tested our supercritical cell. On the reaction kinetics task, review and evaluation of reactions, rate parameters, and uncertainties for combustion of 2-carbonspecies for the initial foundational fuels mechanism optimization was completed. We identified reactions needing further study and C-2 and C-3 species to add to the mechanism.

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