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Quantum Photonic in Hybrid Cavity Systems with Strong Matter-Light Couplings

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Technical Report,01 Jul 2012,30 Jun 2015

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University of Michigan Ann Arbor United States

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A novel, designable microcavity structure was developed in the project for exploring new many body physics and quantum-device applications of property-designed quantum liquids. Specifically the following was achieved1. Strong-coupling between quantum-well excitons and cavity photons was demonstrated in the designable microcavity structure for the first time, establishing a robust light-matter hybrid states with designable properties. Ref 1, 62. Confinement and coupling of microcavity polaritons were readily implemented by design of the photonic crystal in the new cavity structure, allowing flexible device design and integration of the polariton system. Zero-dimensional polariton systems were created by reducing the area of the photonic crystal, coupling between multiple zero-dimensional polariton systems was controlled by design of the boundaries of the photonic crystals, and quasi-1D polariton featuring band-structures was also demonstrated. Ref. 1-2, 63. Spin-selectivity of the polaritons was demonstrated in the new cavity structure, enabling single-mode polariton lasing without ground-state degeneracy

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