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A Test of the Acoustic Impedance Model for Underwater Blast Wave Transmission

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United States Air Force Academy Colorado Springs United States

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It has recently been shown that the acoustic impedance model does not provide accurate predictions of blast wave transmission through materials in air. This paper presents results of testing predictions of the acoustic impedance model for blast wave transmission through the same ten materials under water. Underwater blasts were created in a laboratory, and the peak blast waves were measured at two locations one where the blast wave travelled through the material and another at the same distance where the blast wave reached the high speed pressure sensor directly through the water. Averaging the measured transmission ratios for five shots for each of the ten materials showed that the acoustic impedance model does not accurately predict underwater blast wave transmission, with a root mean square error RMSE of 22 in predicted transmission ratios and a correlation of only r 0.6878 between predicted and measured transmissions. Measured transmission ratios were better described by a linear model based on material density, with an RMSE under 5 and a correlation of r 0.9658.

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  • Acoustics
  • Explosions

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