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Epitaxial Technologies for SiGeSn High Performance Optoelectronic Devices

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SBIR Report,01 Jul 2014,31 Mar 2015

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ARKTONICS, LLC Fayetteville

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The main content of this report includes i Growth of mid-IR GeSnSiGeSn materials using Ultra-high-vacuum Chemical Vapor Deposition, ii In-depth characterizations of GeSn materials using different techniques, and iii Development of GeSn mid-IR detectors and emitters. For material growth work, buffer free growth of Ge, SiGe, SiSn, GeSn, and SiGeSn on Si substrate has been demonstrated. Both SnCl4 and SnD4 are used as Sn precursors for GeSn and SiGeSn growth. So far 276 wafers have been grown. The GeSnSiGeSn material characterizations have been performed via X-ray diffraction, Raman, ellipsometry, Rutherford backscattering spectra RBS, and high resolution transmission electron microscopy TEM. The XRD result clearly shows GeSn, SiGe, and SiGeSn peaks indicating the success of the growth. The highest Sn incorporation is determined to be 7 for GeSn materials and the substitutional incorporation of Sn for SiGeSn varies from 2 to 5 . The reciprocal space map shows that the as-grown GeSn layers are relaxed.

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