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Pathology Observed on Cone Beam Computed Tomographic Scans: A Comparison of Prevalence and Type of Incidental Findings for Child/Adolescents and Adults

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Uniformed Services University Of The Health Sciences Bethesda United States

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Introduction Cone beam computed tomography CBCT has gained popularity in the field of dentistry and orthodontics. The increased use of CBCT raises the likelihood of incidental findings outside of the primary area of interest. This study compared the prevalence, type, and percent of referral for incidental findings observed on CBCTs between childadolescent and adult patients. Method 267 CBCT scans from childadolescent patients 18 yo and 254 from adults 19 yowere evaluated by one radiologist and findings were placed into seven categories for comparison. All findings were categorized as 1 requiring referral to a healthcare provider, 2 requiring referral, if symptomatic, and 3 those requiring no referral. The groups were compared using Chi Square analysis. Results 97.3 of all 521 scans had at least one incidental finding. Adults were more likely to incur at least one finding p0.001 in every category studied the airway category revealed a greater p0.0001 number of findings in the childadolescent group. Adults were more likely p0.0001 to have findings that required referral to a healthcare provider. Referrals for dental p0.0001, osseous structures p0.0084, and other findings p0.0062 were more prevalent for adults. Conclusions CBCTs of adults revealed more incidental findings in all, but one category. The airway category was the only one in which childadolescent patients exhibited more findings. CBCTs of adults revealed a higher percentage of incidental findings that required referral 42 to a healthcare provider, compared to childadolescents 17. The high prevalence of findings observed in this study, supports routine review of CBCT scans by a radiologist.

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