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Alpha-Linolenic Acid Confers Neuroprotection and Improves Behavioral Deficits After Soman Exposure: Involvement of Neurogenesis Through an mTOR-Mediated Pathway

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Technical Report

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Uniformed Services University Of The Health Sciences Bethesda United States

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Soman, an organophosphorous OP compound, is a chemical warfare agent thatirreversibly inhibits acetylcholinesterase in the periphery and central nervous system.Soman induces status epilepticus leading to brain damage associated with long-termcognitive and behavioral deficits. Current countermeasures are only effective whenadministered shortly after exposure to nerve agents and there are no therapies that protectagainst the long-term cognitive and behavioral impairments, which call for the search ofnew and efficacious therapies. Alpha linolenic acid LIN is an essential omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acidPUFA found in green leaves, seed oil flaxseeds, beans and walnuts. The compoundcan be purchased over-the-counter and has no side effects. Administration of a singledose of alpha-linolenic acid has been demonstrated to exert a potent neuroprotectiveeffect against neuronal degeneration induced by kainic acid, transient global ischemia and organophosphates in vivo. However, the molecular mechanisms of LIN-inducedneuroprotection administered after soman have not been delineated.

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