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Torsion Induced Traumatic Optic Neuropathy (TITON): Animal Model for Diagnostics, Drugs Delivery, and Therapeutics for Injuries to the Cental Nervous System

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Technical Report,22 May 2015,21 May 2016

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University of Texas at San Antonio San Antonio United States

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Traumatic optic neuropathy TON is a common injury following traumatic insult to the head. A novel animal model of TON will be investigated for the purpose of developing diagnostics and treatments for TON. Magnetic resonance imaging techniques were developed to characterize retinal blood flow, axonal transport within the optic nerve, and functional imaging to allow diagnosis of TON. Matrix assisted laser desorptionionization techniques have been developed to detect spatially resolved mass spectra for the detection of trauma-induced changes in biomarker expression these biomarkers will both improve our understanding of the basic mechanisms of TON and may be subsequently investigated for serum-based diagnostics. Preliminary development of a hydrogel material for delivering therapeutics to the site of injury was also undertaken. A finite element model of gel volumetric changes about the optic nerve was developed to allow optimization of gel mechanical and swelling properties to mechanically assist the recovery process.

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