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Validation of MECP2 as a New Therapeutic Target in TNBC

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Technical Report,01 Mar 2015,28 Feb 2016

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Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Boston United States

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The purpose of this work is to validate MECP2, an oncogene amplified in 30 of triple negative breast cancer TNBC as a useful therapeutic target in TNBC. Established TNBC cell lines and patient-derived xenografts PDXs are being tested for their continued dependency on MECP2 expression, and their response to drugs that target MECP2-driven tumors. One very significant event in the first year of funding has been to publish our initial findings that MECP2 is a widely amplified oncogene in human cancers in a high profile journal, Cancer Discovery Neupane, M. et al. MECP2 Is a Frequently Amplified Oncogene with a Novel Epigenetic Mechanism That Mimics the Role of Activated RAS in Malignancy. Cancer Discovery 6,4558 2016. This will serve to focus the attention of the cancer research community on the possibility that MECP2 could be a therapeutic target. In addition, we have made progress in terms of identifying PDX and cell line models, refining our MECP2shRNA lentiviruses, piloting our tissue microarray experiments, and planning a strategy for the construction of the mouse model of MECP2-directed breast cancer.

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