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Nanocrystalline Iron-Cobalt Alloys for High Saturation Indutance

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Technical Report,01 Mar 2013,28 Feb 2016

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Morgan State University Baltimore United States

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A Single Domain Wall in a Magnetic Toroidal Cylinder One of the major questions driving the research at Morgan State University is Can one achieve high magnetization B 1.7 T at low fields H 1mT in iron-cobalt polycrystalline materials, to improve the efficiency of transformers and other related devices Nanocrystalline cobalt-iron could be a good possibility if the anisotropy at the grain boundaries were overcome and the goal of B 1.7 T could be reached at low fields. Such an achievement would greatly enhance the efficiency of the power transfer in these devices. A new principle has been found theoretically at Morgan State University that suppresses anisotropy using the geometry of the thin toroid. We have shown experimentally that the thin film toroid calculations may be applicable to up to millimeter toroids. These results open a wide range of possibilities for the development of low energy-high efficiency transformers that have applications in thin film as well as bulk devices.

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  • Metallurgy and Metallography
  • Theoretical Mathematics

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