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Detection of a Moving Gas Source and Estimation of its Concentration Field with a Sensing Aerial Vehicle Integration of Theoretical Controls and Computational Fluids

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Technical Report,01 Apr 2012,31 Mar 2016

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Worcester Polytechnic Institute Worcester United States

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The advection-diffusion or dispersion of gases from a localized, stationary or a moving gas source into an ambient environment, results in aplume or jet that is representative of processes with numerous applications of interest to the Air Force. For example, the accidental or deliberate release of gases from a land-based, air or space vehicle, results in a plume that can be used for the detection of the vehicles position. The deliberate release of biochemical, results in a plume that can be used in tracking and identifying the source. The release of gasesodors from biological systems results in a plume that may be important in searchrescue missions. With this work we propose to further develop a model-based approach for detecting the location of a moving gaseous source and the concentration via the use of a Sensing Aerial Vehicle SAV. This model-based approach incorporates the dynamics of the advection diffusion process, the concentration estimation scheme, the sensing aerial vehicle dynamics and guidance, and the onboard sensor modeling.

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