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Targeting Sulfotransferase (SULT) 2B1b as a Regulator of Cholesterol Metabolism in Prostate Cancer

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Technical Report,30 Sep 2014,29 Sep 2015

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Purdue University West Lafayette United States

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Abundant epidemiological and experimental evidence establishes alterations in cholesterol metabolism as a key driver of prostate cancer PCa aggressiveness. Our preliminary data shows cholesterol sulfotransferase SULT 2B1b, a global regulator of cholesterol metabolism, is overexpressed in human prostate neoplasia and PCa cell lines and that genetic knock down suppresses LNCaP growth and diminishes androgen receptor AR activity. It is hypothesized that SULT2B1b modulates PCa growth and phenotype via alterations in cholesterol metabolism. If validated, the studies will form the foundation for novel therapeutic intervention. The primary objective of these studies is to define the role of SULT2B1b in PCa on growth,sensitivity to androgens, and apoptosis based on the central hypothesis that SULT2B1b regulates malignant phenotypes via regulation of cholesterol metabolism. The pivotal role of SULT2B1b inregulating cholesterol homeostasis in PCa is a novel observation that when better defined by the studies outlined in this application, will provide the foundation for new approaches for controlling cholesterol dysregulation in PCa.

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