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The Role of the MHV Receptor and Related Glycoproteins in Murine Hepatitis Virus Infection of Murine Cell Lines

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Technical Report

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Uniformed Services University Of The Health Sciences Bethesda United States

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Mouse hepatitis virus strain A59 MEV-A59, a murine coronavirus, infects different murine cell lines causing different levels of virus growth and virus-induced cell fusion. The role of the MEV receptor MHVR glycoprotein and related glycoproteins in determining the outcome of MEV infection in vitro was examined. A previously unknown murine CBA-related glycoprotein now named Cea10 was discovered and found to be co-expressed with MHVR in the Cl1 D and F40 lines of mouse fibroblasts. A monoclonal anti-MHVR antibody, MAb-CC1, protected the Cl 1 D and F40 cells from MHV infection. A chimeric molecule in which the N-terminal domain of MHVR was replaced with that of Cea10 did not bind to MAb-CC1 or MHV-A59 virions in a virus overlay protein blot assay. Neither the expression of this chimeric protein in MHV-resistant BHK cells nor the native Cea10 conferred MHV susceptibility. The CealO protein was shown to be an approximately 35-37 kDa secreted glycoprotein. These results showed f or the first time that two murine CEA related genes can be co-expressed in some cell lines from inbred mice, while MHVR was the only MHV receptor in these cell lines.


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