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Mesenchymal Stem Cell Based Therapy for Prostate Cancer

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Technical Report,01 Sep 2013,31 Aug 2015

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Johns Hopkins University Baltimore United States

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Although the rate of advances in prostate cancer research is rapidly accelerating, there still remains an urgent need for development of more effective therapy for castrate resistant metastatic prostate cancer CRPC. Based upon a substantial published literature from multiple groups, as well as unpublished studies to be presented from the applicants laboratories, an exciting approach that has not been tested clinically involves isolating a specific type of healthy bone marrow derived cells and loading it with a therapeutic chemical so that when these loaded cells are injected into the blood stream, they are selectively retained i.e., home to metastatic sites of cancer in castration resistant metastatic prostate cancer patients. The therapeutic chemical delivered via these injected cells is selectively engineered to act like a molecular grenade in that it is designed to detonate upon release of a non-selective toxin restrictively within the microenvironment of metastatic sites of cancer. This approach is both exciting and practical because the cells used for this selective cancer delivery of the molecular grenade can be routinely harvested from healthy bone marrow donors and do not need to be host matched and have been safely infused into humans to treat other non-cancer diseases. To develop such a cell based molecular grenade delivery as systemic therapy for metastatic CRPC, a multi-disciplinarymulti-institutionalmulti-investigator team has been assembled based upon the synergistic i.e., team expertise needed to translating the basic science discoveries concerning cancer homing into clinical trials for CRPC.

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