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The Advanced Surface Force Fleet: A Proposal for an Alternate Surface Force Structure and Its Impact in the Asian Pacific Theater

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Technical Report

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Naval Postgraduate School Monterey United States

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This thesis addresses how an alternate surface fleet comprised of aircraft carriers CVNs, guided missile destroyers DDGs, and enhanced San Antonio class amphibious transport dock ships eLPD 17s of an equal replacement procurement cost compare in 14 measures of capabilities to the planned 2040 U.S. fleet, and how the two fleets compare in Asian Pacific Theater operations. The estimated procurementcosts for the proposed eLPD 17 class ship and for the Navys planned 2040 fleet, and the composition of the equal procurement cost alternate fleet, The Advanced Surface Force Fleet, are determined. The two fleets are then compared using three different matrices 14 measures of capabilities, the capability to conduct humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations, and the capability to defeat an adversary in a maritime conflict. The Advanced Surface Force Fleet has more offensive capability than the Navysplanned 2040 fleet. Furthermore, the eLPD 17 provides the Navy with an amphibious ship that can act autonomously in contested environments, with more surface ships that have offensive capability, and with a warship that can perform conventional surface combatant roles while maintaining the ability to perform traditional amphibious lift capabilities.

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