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Simulation of Blast Loading on an Ultrastructurally-based Computational Model of the Ocular Lens

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Technical Report,30 Sep 2014,29 Sep 2015

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University of Colorado, Boulder Boulder United States

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In the life of a combat soldier, traumatic cataract in ocular lenses may result from blast loading, whereby i the lens capsule Fig.1 is perforated by intraocular foreign bodies IOFBs Walter,1962, Mader et al., 1993, Parver et al., 1993, Wong et al., 1997, Mader et al., 2006, Weicheland Colyer, 2008 which in turn damage the lens fiber cells, ii the lens is loaded fluid dynamically by the surrounding aqueous and vitreous humors Banitt et al., 2009 see Fig.1,andor iii the lens internal substance crystallins lens fiber cells is stressed by the passing shock wave. Traumatic cataract can result in a partially or fully clouded lens, complete the lens floating between aqueous and vitreous humors, see Fig.1, or zonule rupture such that partial or full vision loss may occur. The mechanisms of traumatic cataract formation that may require cataract surgery implantation of an intraocular lens IOL are not well understood in comparison to the mature and ever-improving surgical technology and procedures. Figure 1. Eye cross-section. hypothesis of the research is that an ultra structurally based computational finite element model of the ocular lens subjected to blast loading can assist in better understanding how traumatic cataract is formed in the combat soldier, and in turn improve our understanding of traumatic cataract in civilians whose eyes are subjected to impact loading. The scope of the research is to develop a multi scale, ultra structurally-based, computational model of the ocular lens subjected to blast loading, in conjunction with imaging methods to identify lens capsule and internal substance structure and mechanical experiments for calibrating material model parameters.

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