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Threshold-Switchable Particles (TSPs) to Control Internal Hemorrhage

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Technical Report,23 Nov 2014,22 Nov 2015

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University of Illinois Urbana United States

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The final goal of this project is to develop smart particles to stop internal hemorrhage at local sites. Four collaborating laboratories are working together under this contract to define threshold levels of activators of blood clotting such that the candidate clotting activators will circulate in the blood at a concentration below the threshold necessary to trigger clotting, but accumulation of the activators at sites of internal injurybleeding will cause the local concentration of clotting activators toexceed the clotting threshold and restore hemostasis. During the past year we have applied our improved methods forcovalently attaching inorganic polyphosphate a potent initiator and accelerator of blood clotting to nanoscale solid supports including silica- and gold-based nanoparticles that have been fabricated using a variety of derivatization and passivation methods. We have conducted extensive testing of candidate procoagulant nanoparticles to quantify their ability to trigger andor accelerate blood clotting and have made significant progress toward the goal of adjustable procoagulant activities of the particles to render them sub- or supra-threshold with regard to initiation of the clotting cascade.

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