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Polarizing 50micrometers Core Yb-Doped Photonic Bandgap Fiber

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Conference Paper

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Clemson University Research Foundation Clemson United States

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Polarizing optical fibers are an important component for building compact fiber lasers with linearly polarized laser output. Conventional single-mode optical fibers with birefringence can only preserve the polarization when the incident beam is launched properly. Recent reports demonstrate that the birefringence in photonic bandgap fibers PBFs can provide single-polarization operation by shifting the transmission band of the light with orthogonal polarizations, thus to create the staggered region in which only one polarization light can propagate add ref. Here,we demonstrate a 50m core Yb-doped polarizing photonic bandgap fiber PBF for single-polarization operation ofhigh power linearly polarized fiber lasers. The single-polarization operates through the entire transmission band from1040nm to 1180nm with polarization extinction ratio PER of 6dBm. 5 meter long fiber was also tested in a laser configuration and a linearly polarized laser output at 1026nm was achieved with PER value of 27dB without usingany polarizers.

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