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Maskirovka 2.0: Hybrid Threat, Hybrid Response

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Technical Report

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Joint Special Operations University MacDill AFB United States

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The purpose of this paper is to describe the irregular and hybrid tools and techniques that Russian President Vladimir Putin and his security and intelligence forces have used, first in the attack against Georgia in 2008, then in the assault on Ukraine, and now in Syria, to advance renewed Russian regional hegemony and strategic reach. The paper also describes the mobilization of Russian minority populations, the co-option of the Georgian and Ukrainian regimes, and the Wests seeming inability to effectively counter these Russian moves.In response to the European moves, the paper will describe some joint, interagency, international, and multilateral options the West should consider implementing to combat this threat, and finally, it advocates that the U.S., North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO, and the European Union EU employ these and other options to roll back Russian adventurism and reinvigorate the vision of a Europe Whole and Free. Since the paper was in its near final form when Russia moved into Syria, the assessment of Russias Syrian adventure is still very speculative at this time. Nevertheless, many aspects of the Syrian case are fully congruent with Russias hybrid approach in Georgia and Ukraine.

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