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Maintaining Enterprise Resiliency via Kaleidoscopic Adaption and Transformation of Software Services (MEERKATS)

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Technical Report,30 Sep 2011,31 Dec 2015

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Columbia University New York United States

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We have designed, implemented, evaluated, and in some cases deployed a set of new technologies that add continuous change, deception, and unpredictability to cloud environments as a way to increase their resilience to a broad spectrum of threats. Our work makes significant advances along five major directions 1 continuous migration technologies that can enable for the first time the swift migration of cloud-resident services and data either in response to an attack or continuously so as to present a moving-target defense 2 cloud information flow tracking technologies that can track cloud-resident data at larger scales than ever before 3 misinformation and decoy technologies that can automatically generate deceptive information - bogus information that appears genuine - so as to confuse, bait, and track attackers 4 cloud monitoring and self-healing technologies that integrate information from many sensors to detect complex, multi-stage attacks 5 stable multithreading technologies that reduce the security risks posed by concurrent programs by ensuring that programs take only a few pre-checked, safe schedules during execution and 6 hardware-enhanced execution memoization techniques that enable efficient execution in highly replicated environments.

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