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DNA Copy Number Signature to Predict Recurrence in Early-Stage Ovarian Cancer

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Technical Report,01 Aug 2014,31 Jul 2015

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Massachusetts General Hospital Boston United States

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The first year of this award included the following tasks Major Task 1 Obtain DNA samples from consortium specimens Subtask 1 Pathological review of 592 early-stage high-grade ovarian cancer specimens and select 330 samples for CNV analysis. Months 1 - 2 Subtask 2 Prepare sections 10 micrometers for microdissection to ensure greater than 80 percent tumor. Months 3 - 8 Subtask 3 DNA preparation from microdissected specimens. Months 3 - 8 Major Task 2 To determine the copy number gain and loss for early stage high grade ovarian cancers through IlluminaHumanOmniExpress-FFPE BeadChip system Subtask 1 DNA sample quality assessment and processing FFPE restoration to prepare chip compatible samples. Months 9 - 18 Subtask 2 Genomic abnormality analysis by IlluminaHumanOmniExpress-FFPE BeadChip system. Months 9 - 18 Milestones Achieved Obtained DNA samples from 330 recurrent and non-recurrent early-stage ovarian cancers for the proposed copy number study. 96 of these samples have undergone QC quality analysis and 48 have been hybridized to detect CNV. New batches of 48 samples each are being processed for quality analysis and subsequent CNV.


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