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Tribosupplementation with Lubricin in Prevention of Post-Traumatic Arthritis

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Technical Report,30 Sep 2012,29 Sep 2015

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Rhode Island Hospital Providence United States

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Full length recombinant human lubricin rhPRG4 maximally reduced friction between apposed explants of bovine articular cartilage. Secretion levels exceeded 1 mgml when expressed by transfected CHO-M cells. This level of expression is commercially scalable and will thus enable production of a GMP protein for clinical use. A purification bioprocess utilizing anion exchange, hydroxyapatite and a hydrophobic exchange media resins achieves a high level of purity. Explants of bovine articular cartilage cultured and incubated with IL-1 followed by friction testing showed higher friction than explants not receivingIL-1. The rhPRG4 restored low friction and qualitatively restored native PRG4 expression as determined by immunohistochemistry. Cartilage from the femoral condyle shows variations in IL-1 induced elevated friction. Explants from the weight bearing region show a significant response to exogenous rhPRG4 in friction reduction from this simulated inflammatory environment. A large animal trial is now planned to test pre-GMP equivalent rhPRG4 in restoring chondroprotection in the ACL-injured joint.

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