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A New Framework for Addressing Temporal Range Queries and Some Preliminary Results

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Technical Report

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University of Maryland College Park United States

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Given a set of n objects, each characterized by d attributes specified at m fixed time instances, we are interested in the problem of designing space efficient indexing structures such that arbitrary temporal range search queries can be handled efficiently. When m 1, our problem reduces to the d-dimensional orthogonal search problem. We establish efficient data structures to handle several classes of the general problem. Our results include a linear size data structure that enables a query time of Olog n log mlog log n f for one-sided queries when d 1, where f is the number of objects satisfying the query. A similar result is shown for counting queries. We also show that the most general problem can be solved with a polylogarithmic query time using nonlinear space data structures.

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  • Numerical Mathematics

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