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Biomolecular Specificity Regulated Synthesis of Nanocatalysts and Heterointegration of Photosynthesis Nanodevices

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Technical Report,01 Sep 2014,25 Aug 2015

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University of California - Los Angeles Los Angeles United States

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Tandem catalysis represents a revolutionary catalysis philosophy. Rational design of heterogeneous nanocatalyst to incorporate photocatalysis with conventional catalytic system is of substantial potential in industrial applications. However, critical consideration in each catalyst component and their synergetic collaboration is necessary to achieve considerable improvement in activity and selectivity. In this work, TiO2-AuPd nanocomposite composed of P25 TiO2 nanoparticles and AuPd nanowheels is applied in benzimidazole synthesis asplasmon-enhanced photocatalyst. This nanocatalyst system enables a green synthetic route with alcohol as starting material and a two-steptandem approach consequently it avoids involvement of aldehyde, acid or oxidant. Scheme 1 The bimetallic surface of AuPd facilitates oxidation of alcohol and dehydrogenation of benzimidazoline intermediate, which renders significantly high conversion and selectivity. Also, AuPd nanowheels promote visible range photon utilization efficiency via the strong surface plasmon resonance absorption. The overall design features a multifunctional architecture and provides insights and opportunity towards high performance, low energy demand and sustainable catalytic process.

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