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Room-Temperature Spin-Mediated Coupling in Hybrid Magnetic, Organic, and Oxide Structures and Devices

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Technical Report,27 Jun 2008,26 Jun 2014

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University of Iowa Iowa City United States

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During the full period of this project we have 1 demonstrated room-temperature effects of the remanent magnetization from electrically-isolated magnetic films on the conductivity and electroluminescence of organic devices, 2 developed and applied a percolation theory of magnetoresistance to describe magnetic field effects on spin transport in organic semiconductors, 3 discovered and theoretically explained the effects of traps and unpaired spins on room-temperature magnetoresistance, 4 developed a theory for spin diffusion in hopping transport due to hyperfine interaction and spin-orbit interaction, 5 predicted and measured spatial interference patterns from multiple coherent spin torque oscillators, 6 predicted spin-wave dispersion relations in magnonic crystals, 7 predicted electric-field control of spin-wave propagation velocities and interferometers, 8 developed a theory for spin lifetimes and spin Hall conductivities for oxide two-dimensionalelectron gases, 9 measured spin-orbit interactions in nanoscale wires in oxide semiconductor interfaces, 10 demonstrated electrical control of ferromagnetism in the LAOSTO system, 11 demonstrated hybrid organicinorganic spin valves, 12 developed interfacial magnetic systems based on oxide superlattices, and 13 demonstrated GHz operation of sketched oxide transistors at the LAOSTO interface.

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  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Atomic and Molecular Physics and Spectroscopy

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