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Early Detection of NSCLC Using Stromal Markers in Peripheral Blood

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Technical Report,01 Sep 2014,31 Aug 2015

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Joan and Sanford I. Weill Medical College of Cornell University New York United States

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There is an immediate clinical need to develop a diagnostic biomarker for lung cancer in early stage. In this proposal, instead of tumor-derived biomarkers, we are focused on host response to tumor growth. It has been well documented that tumor growth systemically stimulates and mobilizes BM-derived hematopoietic cells to the tumor bed to establish a permissive microenvironment. We proposed to identify the lung cancer-dependent transcriptomic signature by analyzing flow cytometry purified circulating myeloid subpopulations from pre- and post-surgery lung cancer patients. During this research period, we have recruited 23 NSCLC patients and collected their peripheral blood before and after the surgical removal of the primary lung tumor. We have finished the data analysis of 17 of these patients. We have re-confirmed our approach to purify CD11bCD33- and CD11bCD33 myeloid subpopulations by flow cytometry. The RNA-sequencing results are promising. A preliminary lung cancer specific gene signature was identified. We will continue our research by finishing the entire RNA-sequencing data from all patients and move forward to validate its diagnostic value for early stage lung cancer in the next research period.

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