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Echo-Planar Imaging-Based, J-Resolved Spectroscopic Imaging for Improved Metabolite Detection in Prostate Cancer

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Technical Report,30 Sep 2014,29 Sep 2015

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The Regents of the University of California Los Angeles United States

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Prostate cancer PCa is the most common cancer in men in several countries, with the American Cancer Society ACS estimating 241,740 new cases of PCato be diagnosed and deaths of 28,170 men of PCa 1. Due to its prevalence in the male population as well as its unpredictable clinical course, early detection and diagnosis have become a priority for many health care professionals. Another method for staging prostate cancer is through imaging techniques including ultrasound, computed tomography CT, and magnetic resonance imaging MRI with or without the help of dynamic contrast enhancement modeling DCE-MRI, diffusion weighted imagingDWI, and magnetic resonance spectroscopy MRS 2-5. MRS is a powerful tool for exploring the cellular chemistry of human tissues 3,5,6-11. There is a growing body ofevidence that 1H MRS may contribute to the clinical evaluation of prostate cancer andalso for evaluating the metabolic alterations due to therapy. There have been no reportson combining two spectral dimensions with two-dimensional 2D or three dimensional 3D spatial encoding applicable to prostate cancer. Acceleration of magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging MRSI has been demonstrated using echo-planar imaging techniques 12-13. Recently, Schulte et al. have successfully developed an algorithm called prior-knowledge fitting ProFit to quantify metabolite concentrations using the JPRESS spectra recorded using a Philips 3T MRI scanner 14. It was demonstrated that metabolite quantitation of JPRESS spectra with ProFit was accurate, robust and yielding generally consistent results, both in vivo and in vitro. Their results suggest that the number of quantifiable prostate metabolites can be increased from 3-4 with 1 DPRESSLC-Model to more than 10 with JPRESSProFit 15-16.

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