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Marksmanship Requirements from the Perspective of Combat Veterans - Volume 2: Summary Report

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Technical Report,01 Nov 2012,31 Aug 2014

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Consortium of Universities of Washington Washington United States

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This report summarizes the major findings from an Army-wide questionnaire of individual marksmanship requirements in units. The research addressed the Maneuver Center of Excellences MCoE objective of developing a unit marksmanship training strategy that reflected, as much as possible, the current and near-term operational environments. A total of 1636 leaders from 14 Army branches enrolled in the Captains Career Course, Advanced Leader Course, and Senior Leader Course completed an on-line questionnaire. Overall, 94 of the leaders had been deployed at least once to Iraq or Afghanistan. Clusters of marksmanship skills were identified and linked to three groups of branches. Skills common to all branches were identified as well as those linked to branch groups and to specific branches. Infantry leaders identified more marksmanship requirements than leaders in any other branch. Skills identified reflected the leaders combat experience. Training of some high priority, common skills will require additional training time, range upgrades, and a high level of trainer expertise. Leaders also described their pre-deployment marksmanship training plus reactions to the qualification course and to the need for a more complex course-of-fire.

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