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Combined Caffeine and Ephedrine Ingestion Improves Run Times of Canadian Forces Warrior Test

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OSTP Journal Article

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Defence and Civil Institute of Environmental Medicine Toronto, Ontario Canada

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The ingestion of a combination of caffeine C and ephedrine E has been reported to prolong exercise time to exhaustion during cycle ergometry at 85 Vo2max. The present study was undertaken to investigate whether this enhancement would occur in a field setting and if drug ingestion on 1 d would affect performance 1 d later. Two hours after ingesting either a combination of 375 mg of C and 75 mg E CE, or a placebo P, 9 healthy male recreational runners completed six balanced and double-blind trials of. the Canadian Forces Warrior Test WT, a 3.2 km run wearing fighting order which weighed about 11 kg. The trials were performed in sets of two runs, i.e., two runs were done 24 h apart, and these sets were separated by a minimum of 7 d. The sets were CE trial on day 1 D1, placebo on day 2 P2 placebo first P1, CE second D2 and placebo first P3, placebo second P4. In addition, 1 wk before the treatment trials the subjects performed a control trial WT. During the WT, heart rates HR were recorded every minute. Plasma C and E levels immediately before the WT were similar for both CE trials, but were undetectable for all P trials.

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