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ShipMo3D Version 1.0 User Manual for Simulating Time Domain Motions of a Freely Maneuvering Ship in a Seaway

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Technical Report

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Defence R and D Canada - Atlantic Dartmouth, NS Canada

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This report serves as a user manual for simulating ship motions in waves and in calm water using ShipMo3D Version 1.0. ShipMo3D is an object-oriented library with associated user applications for predicting ship motions in both the time domain and frequency domain. This report covers simulation in the time domain, and a companion report serves as a user manual for predicting ship motions in the frequency domain. Several ShipMo3D applications are used for obtaining a simulation in the time domain. SM3DPanelHull creates a paneled representation of the ship hull using input offsets. SM3DRadDif generates a database of radiation and diffraction coefficients that contribute to the efficiency of subsequent simulations. SM3DBuildShip creates a model of the ship, including required data for the hull geometry, radiation and diffraction properties, and appendage geometries. SM3DBuildSeaway creates a model of a seaway, which can consist of either regular waves or random waves, with capabilities for modelling both unidirectional and multidirectional seaways. SM3DFreeMo simulates motions of a ship using input data prepared by the user and produced by the previously mentioned ShipMo3D applications.

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