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ShipMo3D Version 1.0 User Manual for Frequency Domain Analysis of Ship Seakeeping in a Seaway

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Technical Report

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Defence R and D Canada - Atlantic Dartmouth, NS Canada

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This report serves as a user manual for frequency domain predictions of ship motions in waves using ShipMo3D Version 1.0. ShipMo3D is an object oriented library with associated user applications for predicting ship motions in both the time domain and frequency domain. This report covers predictions in the frequency domain for a ship with quasi-steady speed and heading, and a companion report serves as a user manual for predicting ship motions inthe time domain for a freely maneuvering ship in calm water or in waves. Several ShipMo3D applications are used for obtaining ship motion predictions in the frequency domain. SM3DPanelHull creates a panelled representation of the ship hull using input offsets. SM3DRadDif generates a database of radiation and diffraction coefficients that contribute to the efficiency of subsequent computations. SM3DBuildShip creates a model of the ship, including required data for the hull geometry, radiation and diffraction properties, and appendage geometries. Motion predictions are obtained using SM3DSeakeepRegular, SM3DSeakeepRandom, or SM3DSeakeepSeaway, depending on the wave conditions for which ship motions are to be evaluated. SM3DTimeSeriesFromRaos produces ship motion time series from predicted motion response amplitude operators. SM3DPolarPlot produces polar plots of ship response as a function of ship speed and heading.

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