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Thermal and Mechanical Non-Equilibrium Effects on Turbulent Flows: Fundamental Studies of Energy Exchanges Through Direct Numerical Simulations, Molecular Simulations and Experiments

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Technical Report,15 Sep 2012,14 Nov 2015

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Texas Engineering Experiment College Station

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Utilizing internal energy exchange for intelligent control of basic fluid dynamic processes is of direct relevance to AFOSR scientific objectives especially for turbulence flows. The very limited work on the subject suggest strong interactions between thermal nonequilibrium TNE and turbulence. This project aimed at both advancing our understanding of the effect of thermal and mechanical non-equilibrium on compressible turbulence and proposing new technological advances in the strategies to generateand control turbulence. Due to the intrinsic multidisciplinary nature of the scientific problem, a combination of state-of-the-art massive direct numerical simulations DNS, detailed molecular dynamics simulations and novel laser based experimental approaches were developed to explore the detailed physics at levels of fidelity andat a range of parameters not previously possible. A new concept to generate turbulence was studied using TNE via photo excitation of seeded molecules which can be used to study the specific mechanisms in which TNE modifies turbulence.

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