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Inhibition of Orthopaedic Implant Infections by Immunomodulatory Effects of Host Defense Peptides

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Technical Report,15 Sep 2010,14 Sep 2014

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Case Western Reserve University Cleveland United States

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We first developed a murine model of orthopaedic implant infection that will lead to future studies utilizing transgenic and knock out mice to understand the mechanisms that contribute to the effects of bacteria on implant osseointegration. Both S. aureus and A. baumanii were found to impair implant osseointegration by inducing local osteolysis. This reconciles confusion in the literature regarding the effects of A. baumanii. The effects of A. baumaniion osseointegration were found to require quorum sensing. This will lead to future studies to determine whether quorum sensing antagonists that are being developed by other investigators will block the effects of A. baumanii on osseointegration. It was also found that the IDR peptide reduces the effects of S. aureus on implant osseointegration. This will lead to future studies to optimize the use of IDR peptides in our murine model of implant infection in larger, more clinically relevant, animal models and ultimately in human trials.

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